While Community Solutions International strives to identify and develop sustainable, alternate livelihood opportunities for communities in developing countries, we tend to focus more attention on women who live in communities engaged in cocoa farming, coastal communities and other small villages to more directly impact household income and single parent families.

Most of the women have little to no formal education, limited access to employment or funds but are keen to learn or utilize an existing skill in order to support themselves and their families.

As we work with women in these communities we often find that the creation of these sustainable, alternate livelihood opportunities significantly increases social engagement of women with each other, enhances confidence and self esteem and in some cases inspires women to expand their business endeavours into other areas.

We support small scale home industry enterprises to make sustainable, high quality, hand made products that add value, reduce waste and support good environmental stewardship.

Women play a key role in this process and as they gain confidence and more power over their own destiny their families become stronger contributors to the community and to their own future.

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