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Paper Makers

Bali Insan Creative was founded in 2009 through a partnership with the Wisnu Foundation, solely for the purpose to create economic opportunities that support the livelihoods of people living in Bali Villages and particulalry women. These communities, due to limited education opportunities and poverty have little chance to improve their lives. Through the employment of local people, teaching school children about the importance of recycling and caring for the environment along with implementing several farming activities in Bali Villages, Bali Insan Creative is making a positive impact on these communities. 

To support this work, Bali Insan Creative produces a range of sustainably produced products currently sold both locally and internationally.   

Paper Making

Handmade paper making is a time-honoured tradition historically using various natural materials to capture information and ideas. Bali Insan Creative continues this tradition by incorporating artistic tallent, renewable and locally sourced materials with recycled paper collected from the tourism industry to create a truly handmade, environmentally friendly and sustainable product.


Bali Insan Creatives Skilled Craftsmen hand mould and sculpt a variety of candle waxes using Beeswax, Vegetable Based Waxes and Synthetic Waxes  dependant on their customers needs.  100% Cotton wicks are sourced locally supporting local businesses. Bali Insan Creative take great care in selecting waxes and wax blends to ensure the highest standard in candle making and customer satisfaction.

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Our Relationship with Bali Insan Creative

Community Solutions International has been working with Bali Insan Creative since the company was founded and support their work through the purchase of paper and candles. Working together, we have created job opportunities for many more local people by expanding the paper production to a capacity of 40,000 sheets per month. In addition, Community Solutions International works with Bali Insan Creative to develop new paper based products, develop technologies and improve the overall paper production process.

Profits received from the sale of paper are directed to both Bali Insan Creative and the Wisnu Foundation to support their work in organic farming, education and various other community initatives.

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