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Our net bags are individually hand woven by women living on small islands in the Spermonde Archipelago near Makassar, South Sulawesi. These women utilize skills passed from generation to generation for weaving traditional fishing nets to produce the tassels we use for our book marks and a range of excellent quality net bags.

Most small island households are extremely dependant on fishing. With the ongoing decline in ocean fish population and the rising costs of fishing, their family incomes are in decline and they face an uncertain future. Fisherman must travel further and further in search of fish to support their families, expending more and more on fuel and labour to return with less and less. Typical fishing family monthly income is currently less than $30 / month and families are often left for long periods with little means to survive.

We work largely with the wives of fishermen who are often left alone to look after their children while their husbands are away fishing for several weeks at a time. These ladies have little formal education but are keen to adopt traditional skills to develop new income earning opportunities to supplement their family livelihood.

Sales of our products are supporting these women in home industry businesses to provide a sustainable alternative income for families who at times are gravely afraid for their financial security. The additional income has given these ladies greater independence, confidence and financial flexibility to support their families.

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