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As we develop new products and processes to establish additional or alternate business opportunities for developing communities, we always seek to maximize the utilization of natural and sustainably produced or waste materials, minimize any impact on the environment and further engage women.


Plant Fibres are generally farm or process wastes and their sale directly adds value to the farming system and provides new income sources to the communities who collect or process them.

For cocoa, a fruit tree, the collection and selling of bark during pruning allows us to train farmers in pruning techniques and encourages them to prune. This provides immediate reward from the sale of bark and increases farm productivity. In most cases it is the women in the family who collect the bark and sell it to increase household income.

Recycled Paper collection teaches communities about recycling and reduces pressure on the environment. Used white paper is collected from schools, Government offices, hospitals, hotels and offices and from concerned individuals who collect waste paper at home and recycle it to our supplier organizations.


Our high quality handmade paper and stationery products are produced in "home industry" systems using traditional methods and employing local people and particularly women.

The handmade paper making process is a non-sulphur, non-chloride process, which minimizes the use of chemicals and undesirable odour or waste. Alternate energy systems such as methane from farm waste and  multi-level "wet lands" processing is encouraged.

When you purchase any of our handmade paper and stationery products you are helping to empower people and particularly women in developing communities, reducing waste in agricultural and urban environments and reducing pressure on conventional paper fibre sources with appropriate concern for the environment.

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