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Our high quality, handmade, sustainable cocoa paper and other sustainable paper products are produced in "home industry" production systems using traditional environmentally friendly paper making methods, sustainable materials and creating new employment opportunities for local people and particularly women in developing communities.

Greeting Card Specifications:
Card Sizes:  Cocoa Cardboard Cards
3 inch x 3 inch Cocoa Paper Envelopes
4 inch x 6 inch Printed and Embossed Cards and Envelopes
5 inch x 5 inch Available packaged individually or in packs of Ten
5 inch x 7 inch
12.5cm x 12.5 cm

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Please Note: Other sizes, formats and designs of these handmade, sustainable cocoa paper and other handmade, sustainable paper products can be produced to suit your specific needs if ordered in sufficient volume. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs.

We strongly encourage the participation of women in our community development programs and are an equal opportunity employer.