Our natural soap products are all handmade in Bali using traditional home industry methods and natural ingredients.

The soap products are produced largely by women who are able to significantly improve the livelihood of their families through the production of our soap products.


Cocoa butter is the luxurious natural aromatic solid fat expressed from the roasted seeds of the cacao fruit.

It has a melting point very close to human body temperature and it melts very sharply giving the very clean and smooth feeling in the mouth when you eat good quality chocolate.

Cocoa butter has also been used in cosmetics, moisturisers and lip balms for many years adding a rich, creamy, and thick consistency to lotions, soaps, creams, and toiletry items to help reduce coetaneous dryness and for the improvement of skin elasticity.

Pure prime pressed natural Cocoa butter has a delightful mild cocoa aroma and a warm yellowish colour adding to its luxury.

Cocoa butter has often been replaced in recent years by cheaper fats and oils, such as Shea butter or hydrogenated  palm oil, as manufacturers seek to reduce costs of production.

Our cocoa butter is produced locally in South Sulawesi using Indonesian cacao sourced largely from Sulawesi including the areas where we work directly with cocoa farming families.


Our soap products are packed in biodegradable plastic packaging to ensure retention of the rich aromas and brought to you in a hand woven net bag with a story card printed on natural cocoa paper (see cocoa paper page).

The net bag has been designed and hand woven by local women on Barrang Lompo island, near Makassar. Each bag is individually hand crafted using traditional fishing net weaving methods passed from generation to generation. Bringing the community together, the women often work together to make the bags in their homes.

The sale of the soap products continues to give these women an alternative income, self esteem, and help them to see a brighter future for themselves and their family.

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